11 Tips To Keep Your Shower And Bathtub Drain From Clogging

One of the many problems that a plumber Carrollton TX might face is a clogged shower drain. It seems to be one of those inevitable things. However, it is possible to stop it from happening. All you need to do is to pay attention and know what to avoid doing.

Here are 11 tips you can to help stop your habit of calling up the plumber Carrollton TX for clogs.

Install A Drain Cover

This is one of those simple things you can do. A drain cover stops any foreign particles from going down the drain. It’s a simple investment can greatly change your plumbing’s clogging history. You’ll have to clean it out occasionally though.

Get A Strong Clog Remover

Yes, I know, why get a clog remover to stop clogs? Because clogs don’t come from anywhere. They develop from buildup in your pipes. A clog remover removes this buildup before they become actual clogs. You don’t even need to buy anything fancy. Simple vinegar can work – but it’s better to be sure.

Flush All The Drains

For the same reason, it’s best to clean out your pipes with a strong flush of water. Strong water pressure can clean out your pipes properly.

Get A Hair Catcher

Similar to a drain cover, hair catchers are made to stop hair from entering your drains – those small particles that the drain cover can’t stop.

Brush Hair Before Showering

In a similar vein, try to brush or comb before taking a shower. This gets rid of the loose hair that the bath will take away. It’s a reduction in the amount of hair that you have to deal with.

Use A Water Softener

Part of the build-up that happens in your pipes is from the calcium and other minerals in the water you use. A water softener gets rid of these, making for water that’s less full of particles.

Avoid Pouring Soap Down The Drain

Another reason for particle build-up is soap that solidifies in the pipes. Use enough soap to get yourself clean and nothing more.

Don’t Wash Pets In The Bath

If your hair is enough to clog the pipes, can you imagine what your pet’s fur can do? When it is time to give your pets a bath, do it outside. If you really have to wash them in the bath, be ready with the hair catcher.

Collect Your Shaving Water

When you shave, the hair you shave off is collected in the rinsing water you use. These can cause clogs, too, if thrown down the drain. Take the water out and dispose of it outside.

Keep The Water Running

If you can afford it, have some water run at the end of the bath. It can help in flushing the pipes a bit.

Limit Oils

Oils are nice ways to spruce up your bath – however, they can cause clogs. Be minimal in their use to ensure that nothing builds up in your pipes.

Be Clog-Free

These simple tips can help reduce the chance of a clog building up in your pipes. Start now and experience a clog-free future.

If you need a plumber Carrollton TX, our team at Signature Plumbing is always ready to help. From repairing leaks, removing clogs, installing pipes and fixture, we got you covered.

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