3 Starter Tips When Buying Discount Beds

Large single beds, usually around 3ft 6”, are a good choice for adults that prefer to sleep alone: Giving plenty of room to take up a natural sleeping position without literally falling over the edges. For couples, the typical bed size is 4ft 6”. There are many cheap double beds for sale around at the moment, and indeed the competition is good news for buyers. See a range of options here.

When there is plenty of competition it is the buyer who tends to be in the best position. Remember this! However, ensuring the discount is real and viable is half the battle. When looking for a new bed and ensuring you make the most of the discounts on offer, there are three things to consider.

Start Online

In the UK discount beds can offer up savings from hundreds to thousands. Browsing online is a great place to start. You can learn a lot about what’s on offer without having to tackle the high street and all the nightmares associated with finding a parking space! You can compare prices and models at your leisure, and when you don’t feel rushed usually the decisions we make are more solid. There are so many different types of mattress and beds available a bit of surfing time can help to at least narrow the list!

Is The Discount Really a Saving?

A mattress is an investment with regards to staying happy and healthy. It might seem like a bargain but if the cost is waking up with aching joints everyday then the “saving” is not really worthwhile. This is why it is a good idea to get some research in before making your final choice. Opting for a bed that is not really ideal, simply because it has a discount could leave you suffering with many bad night’s sleep and in the long run, that means the discount will cost you more….. The price being your health.

Choose the Right Mattress for You, not just your pocket

An open sprung mattress generally tend to be the most economic option. One plus is they are light and so easy to turn. The downside is they do not provide good support. Even so, this might be a good choice for a guest room, where the bed is only used occasionally. Pocket sprung mattresses provide much more support and are usually available in firm, medium and soft versions. While memory foam and latex mattresses are very popular the pocket sprung mattress gives more respiration. A firm mattress is a good choice for those who sleep on their front or weigh more that fifteen stones. Memory Foam mattresses are hypo-allergenic and absorb your weight which helps keep pressure off the back and shoulders – And so avoid those aches and pains suffered from a bad back.

The bottom line when purchasing the right discount bed is to

1) Make sure the discount is genuine. They might say it’s worth £3000 and now only £1000 but was it ever really worth the original asking price.  Get a good heads up on prices by looking around online.

2) It might be cheap but if it’s completely wrong for you then it’s money thrown down the drain.

3) Whatever the discount, ensuring you choose the right style specifically for you is paramount.