6 wonderful and best place to live in twin cities

Every person in this world thinks to live in such places where they can find nice environment, cool atmosphere, and amazing climate. Hence, twin cities are an enormous place to enjoy your precious life.

Although, there are more than enough nice places to live here are the 6 best places to live in twin cities where you can enjoy your life in a very sensible way:

Como Park

Como Park is a very wonderful place and generally known for a botanical garden and massive zoo. Como Park have very nice environment and you can take your family members also. Adding to this, you can get pleasure from swimming in pools or lakes. If you are very much fond of walking then this is definitely the perfect place to enjoy because of nice weather. Don’t enjoy this wonderful place alone, take your family members and enjoy this huge park.

Creative Enterprise Zone

If you are waiting for a perfect and enormous place then your wait ends here, the creative enterprise zone is a very nice place for artists, makers and for Mizpee also. This place was established in 2013. But, irony is that the outsiders and local people don’t know much about this unique place. Adding to this, it also has parts of Raymond Avenue and University Avenue

Cathedral Hill

One of the nicest and oldest places in St.Paul, Cathedral hill. It has amazing apartments and a perfect area to live in. This area has many nice restaurant and boutiques. It is generally known and famous for old building and its walkability.


Excelsior generally known for its grand hotels and wonderful sight along lake. This area is close to the city and this is the reason, it gives charm of small town. You can enjoy all kind of services rather you are living or you are on a short trip.

Linden Hills

Linden hill is a tremendous place located in southwest Minneapolis and bordered by a green field. This is a place where you can find many tress lined streets, bakeries, butcher shop and restaurants. It has many beautiful apartments also where you can enjoy and have a different experience of living.


Wayzata is a wonderful area where you can have some special moments of life. It has restaurants, shops, and luxury houses. The most amazing thing about this place is nice commuting distance. It is one of the wonderful places in twin cities.

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