Corporate Housing Myths

Corporate housing offers so much in terms of convenience, amenities, and basic luxuries, that it is hard for travelling businesspersons to do better. Though some homeowners turn their houses into listings for corporate housing, most of the time big companies own the apartments or condos and they rent them out to employees. In St. Louis, MO, corporate housing is usually rented out to professionals in specific fields, such as the military, doctors, traveling nurses, white-collar business professionals, and entertainers. It’s almost like a select few are chosen to experience corporate housing.

Now there is nothing in writing that says a family looking to relocate, a vacationer, or others aren’t allowed to book corporate rentals. But it is assumed that the best corporate housing rentals are owned by a company that rents them out to their employees. Corporate rentals focus strictly on being business-oriented. With that being said, there are a number of myths about corporate housing that may make some hesitate to consider booking them.

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Myth of Corporate Housing being an Extended Stay: Corporate housing is designed for those looking to stay in an area for longer than a month. Corporate housing offers more amenities at a broader scale for lower cost, amenities such as a kitchen, a washer and dryer in the unit, 24-hour reception and a private mailbox. An extended stay offers some similar amenities on a much smaller scale, including a continental breakfast and sometimes basic housewares. An extended stay is a great short-term option for vacationers or business professional looking to stay somewhere for less than a month.

 Myth of Corporate Housing being Difficult to Book: Depending on the location, booking for some corporate housing can be a hassle but still possible at the same time. Booking can be a hassle because corporate housing is designed for a specific type of customer, usually traveling employees. Because of this, sometimes the corporate housing units can be fully booked during the year where construction and other jobs are needed. Locations like St. Louis, MO, make it simple to rent a corporate housing unit with a phone call or by booking online.

Myth of the Nonexistent Concierge Service in Corporate Housing: For some units, corporate housing doesn’t have certain perks you’d expect to find at hotels. But for others, the same services exist. A lot of corporate housing units have housekeeping services and 24-hour receptionist as well. Corporate housing also has maintenance men that are on standby to fix any issues with the unit.

Hopefully this article gives the reader a better understanding of corporate housing units than they had before. Before thinking of booking some expensive hotel for a trip out of state, look for corporate housing instead, which offers more for less.

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