Everything you need to know about kitchen faucet

Sometimes choosing the right kitchen faucet type can be very tricky. Everything depends on your kitchen type, the size and usage of sink which is the most important factor for your kitchen faucet.  Nowadays, there are different types of kitchen and sink designs available due to which choosing of faucet can be very frustrating.

How you should choose the kitchen faucet?

You should always start with the sink. You can choose the faucet design according to the sink design and fitting. Faucets are available with different whole versions; some will give you multiple fitting options. You should also keep in mind the location of your kitchen faucet. This will help you in easy installation. Make sure your kitchen lines are compatible and you have to be aware of pipe sizes before you go for faucet shopping.

Different types of kitchen faucet

  • Pull downpull down kitchen faucet sprays water down to the sink. Basically it is used for cleaning dishes.
  • Single handle – in this type of kitchen faucet, single lever is used. Copper kitchen faucet is generally a single handle faucet type. By using this type of faucet, you can use both warm and cold water in kitchen.
  • Motion detection – this is the most advanced type of kitchen faucet which is fitted with sensors. You just have to move your hand or utensils in front of it and it is ready to use.

How long faucet will last?

The life of faucet depends upon the material type. Brass and stainless steel type of faucet is considered as the most durable one for kitchen use. Plastic faucet life may be up to 3 to 5 years.

Is care important for faucet?

You can just wipe the faucet by using soft cloth. You can also use warm water with liquid soap, by which you can preserve its finish for a longer period of time.

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