The Different Types of Shed Pads

In a building, one of the most critical parts is the foundation. A well-built foundation ensures that the building can endure all the weather conditions for an extended period. At Willow Gates Landscaping, we ensure that we provide the most reliable foundation that your building requires. We have been providing landscaping and building services for an extended period, and our staff is highly experienced in their respective areas of specialization. 
You may have recently bought or constructed a shed that you want to stay in good condition for an extended period. This shed requires a well-laid platform to ensure that water and pests do not destroy it. We provide shed pad construction services using modern techniques that ensure that your structure is safe at all times. 

Shed pad preparation is one of the areas that we put great emphasis on as we know that a good base is crucial for the long-term endurance of your structure. Our experienced experts will determine the most appropriate shed pad that suits your structure from our wide range of options. They will involve you in this exercise to ensure that you get an endurable shed pad at a price that you can comfortably afford. Some of the shed pad options that we provide include the following:

Image result for Shed Pads1. Blocks

This is one of the most widely used shed foundations due to its ease of construction and endurance. We build blocks that are approximately one foot high. This is where you place your structure. The block is made using cement. This ensures that it stays in good condition for an extended period. In fact, a cement block can remain in good shape for more than 30 years. The cement blocks are constructed about 3 to 5 meters apart depending on the weight of the building that is intended to be placed on them.

2. Gravel pad

A gravel pad is mainly used for packing heavy equipment or machinery. The structure ensures that the ground is leveled. The difference between a gravel shed pad and a block is that this structure’s skids are in closer contact with the shed. The gravel pad is durable and can sustain enormous weight for an extended period if it is appropriately constructed. However, a gravel pad structure is usually relatively more expensive to build than a block pad. It also takes more time to create.

3. Post and Beam

This shed pad is ideal for places that have a slight slope. They are usually considered as an alternative for excavating as it is relatively more expensive. We construct this kind of shed pad using posts that are treated to prevent damage by pests. The posts are buried in the ground and beams are used to connect one post to the other. 

We apply caution when constructing this structure as it is highly prone to collapsing especially if a flat level is not attained in its construction. We also ensure that one side of the structure is close to the ground. This is to ensure that the trailer that hoists your structure on the shed does so easily without destroying the pad. 

There are other forms of shed pads that we build for our clients depending on their preferences and suitability to their structures. Involve Willow Gates Landscaping for all your shed pad construction services, and we will deliver as we have always done.


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