Tips for Carefully Orchestrating a Last-Minute Move

Moving is the beginning of a new adventure, but it’s also stressful when you have little notice and a lot to move. Whether you were offered a job in another state or your house sold before it was on the market an hour, moving without much notice is difficult. However, it’s possible to do without adding stress to your plate if you take these tips and make them work for you. 

Purge, Purge, Purge 

Now is the best time to go through everything you own and begin purging things you no longer need. If you haven’t worn it or used it in a year, get rid of it. If it’s broken or you simply forgot you owned it, get rid of it. Anything you no longer want that’s in good condition can be donated to numerous local charities. Remember to obtain a donation receipt so you can claim your donations on your income taxes for a deduction. Cleaning does seem more enjoyable when it means lowering your tax liability. 

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Pack By Room 

Now that you’re purged and ready to pack what’s left, pack your boxes by room. Label the room, put only belongings from that room in that box, and do not add anything else even if there is space. This makes unpacking a lot easier when your boxes are clearly labeled. They can be placed in the correct room as the moving truck is unloaded into your new home, which makes organizing your items easier. 

Hire Movers 

You can do it yourself, but hiring movers is affordable and it takes some of the stress from you. Last minute movers North Fort Myers FL can help you load your truck, deliver your items, and unpack for you. Movers have ample experience taking apart large furniture such as bedroom sets and putting them back together quickly, which is probably not something you can do with ease. Hiring movers can help significantly with your last-minute move. 

Make Lists 

Make a list of everything you need to do when you move, including changing your address, remembering to hire cleaners to handle your new home and your old one, and everything else you think you must do. Anytime you complete a task, cross it off the list. This helps you stay motivated and feel more accomplished. If you remember something else, write it down immediately to prevent any added stress when it’s time to move. 

On the day of your move, allow the movers to get your belongings in and out while you stay in your new home unpacking. Life is simpler and more enjoyable when you get everything unpacked as quickly as possible, so you can enjoy your new home. Your carefully labeled boxes make this easier for you, so get to work right away to make the move easier. If you can get your kitchen, bathrooms, and children’s rooms unpacked and organized right away, you’ll feel more settled into your new home. It helps you all feel more at home in your new home.

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